Masha Liashenko

will mentor you towards success in your personal life, your career or your business. She will help you to turn your impossible dreams into tangible goals and your emotional pain into happiness and freedom.

Masha is not your typical coach or therapist. As an Ex full-time Christian counselor and active International Charity HOPE Worldwide Ltd. volunteer, she never took a class in therapy, is not certified as a coach by any Federation, doesn't like to read books on popular psychology. She spends her spare time writing songs and painting botanical watercolor. Her friends call her "a person of the Force"

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Reach Your Dream Life

Do you want to have a considerable progress in your life? Not as two steps forward - one step back, not as a ride on roller-coaster but exponentially. 

Short running start and - up high. Higher. yet higher.

"Don’t seek a coach or a teacher who’s like a courteous waiter. Seek instead, coaches and teachers who scare you a little.

Why? It is easy to confuse pleasure and comfort with actual learning. But truly good coaches and teachers are about challenging you to get to the edge of your abilities time and time again.

Seek out coaches who are authoritative, who know their stuff and take charge.

A little scary is good.”

- A Quote by Daniel Coyle (from the Talent Code)

Masha is a type of mentor who is asking deep difficult questions, pointing you to the ultimate truth and at the same time provides you complete acceptance every step of your way.


Hi there, this is Masha. I promise that I will guide you through the path of ultimate freedom towards managing your thoughts and your emotional life.  My method is called ~Freedom Catalyst~ New Gentle Approach. It is all about neuroscience backed with hard evidence.

There are thoughts that make you feel bad. You think that it is your life circumstances or difficult people. But it is not like that. The thoughts you failed to choose wisely, those you believe automatically are responsible for this pain and stress you are suffering from now. And it is not your fault.

I will give you the instruments to honestly doubt every thought that is the triggering you pain. Pain itself is not your enemy though. It is actually your friend. It helps you too identify these lies, these traps your mind got into. 

Even after our first session you will be able to identify and debunk those lies that make you feel miserable even now. 

Why do I say so? Let's say I know how the healthy mature and truthful thoughts can make you feel. While you are reading it my clients are making their incredible exponential progress using the instruments I provide.

You part is to show up. My part is to guarantee your progress. And you will get your money back if you are not satisfied with the results. 


  • You built a grand career but when criticized by an important person you get hurt even though you don't show it
  • You made a huge impact on your community and economy of your country but your family life is a disaster and your are unhappy or lonely
  • You put too much pressure on yourself trying to reach your own unrelenting standards and end up living  feeling tense all the time
  • You have a great potential but your low self esteem doesn't let you reach your highest peak 
  • You have a dream but you think it is impossible for you so you do not go for it.
  • You are disappointed in romantic relationships... and in yourself in that matter so you are very successful and ...lonely.
  • You are putting mega efforts in order to help and change someone important for you ...unfortunately with no result.


I see, that you may have  many questions. But there is one answer to it. You need to invest into mentor. Maybe you are tired, don't have enough time for your family and yourself - allow yourself to live every day as if the Life invited you for a dance.

Whether you are  in C-suit of the corporation or founder of your own enterprise, or if you are successful practitioner  with decades of experience. To see you dream come true, to reveal your inner value and deeper spiritual wisdom - to live in the state of freedom and happiness, you need exponential experience - it is possible. And it doesn't take years of therapy or traumatizing yourself by painful memories of your early years. 

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Save place of acceptance and care for your beautiful soul, and a whole realm of possibility.

Discovering Dream Life Catalyst

Through the decade of purposefully seeking the answers to a happy and effective life I developed a certain approach to emotional freedom. It combines the latest discovery of neuroscience with the most effective cognitive therapy concepts, the practices for emotional well-being that are taught to the elite of the Eve League and exponential coaching approach of three principal. All of it I learned from the masters who are serving this world sharing their teaching and methods. 

Who is a mentor? A mentor is like guide that the experienced climber hires to reach the new highest peak the most effective way. The guide will not carry your stuff or push you higher, nor will he drag you towards the peak you want to conquer. But I will show you how to reach your goal faster, how to take a better care of yourself on the way and how to always have truth in sight. 

Clarity > Freedom >Inner Value > Your Dream Life

Here are some powerful tips for you to start with even now.

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    Care Instead Of A Pressue

    Choose some time in a quite place and listen to yourself. Turn to your deeper true wisdom and amazing great value of your soul.  Ask yourself: who am I? Do you know the answer? does it make you happy?

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    Breathe Love

    The most truthful state of mind is Love. This is what we were literally created for. How do I know? I just do. Well, whole concept and physiology of  our brain and body tells us so. The latest discovery of neuroscience only confirm that we are created for Loving and Caring attitude towards ourselves.

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    Accept Your Value

    You are worthy of the very best/ What if you have always been completely accepted and unconditionally loved? I can show you the proof of it in your life. Allow yourself to discover your great inner value.

Отзыв Маша Ляшенко ментор
  • Это даже превзошло мои ожидания!! Каждый урок был подкреплён практическим заданием, что помогало углубиться в изучении и разобраться со своей личной ситуацией. 
    Такая работа с гневом помогла мне выявить корень своих старых и свежих обид по отношению к другим и разобраться со стыдом по отношению к себе самой. В результате это помогло мне простить и снова обрести легкость, радость и освобождение от груза обид и стыда. Также это отражается на моем физическом состоянии..я перестала болеть, сил стало больше, я снова чувствую вкус жизни... И самое главное, сердце снова способно любить!

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