100 Days of Helping Hand

Masha Liashenko

At the end of January we got a message from our US friends that the war was coming. No one knew the exact terms of course.

On Thursday 24th of February our daughter contacted us early in the morning from Kyiv to tell that the city and suburbs  were being bombed. And she would be trying to get to Bucha to get to her fiance's family.

She unsuccessfully tried to get to Bucha for the next 24 hours. Usually it would not take longer than an hour.  It seemed like a bad news at that time. Little did we know....

By that moment I knew that my experience of working with people with emotional suffering meant that I was better equipped then others for the time like that.

I knew I could bring help to those who are hurting around me. And "around me" was anyone I could reach through social media.

I started  my live broadcast on Facebook. I have been doing it every night since the 24th of February.

Now when more than 100 days have passed since the beginning of the war, I see how those first 100 videos became somewhat a separate chapter in my life and work.

The help and soothing the suffering was not always happening through words, as those of you who are familiar with principles know. The love and care was coming through the presence of peace in my heart.

I am honored to be invited to speak at 13th Global Conference for Three Principles practitioners and speakers.

Along with the invitation there was a note about the bookstand. And if I was working on the book it could be presented during the event, they said

I saw it as the invitation from Life to write this book. The one on 100 days of helping hand during the forst days of war based on my live broadcasts.

This is my diary of help. And it wants to get on paper.

You can sign up to get the information when the book is ready to purchase. I will keep you posted. All the proceedings will go to benevolent work helping those who suffered consequences of war in Bucha, Irpen, Borodyanka, Gostomel and other places.

Now I carry out a program for Three Principles practitioners. This group will be my Beta-readers.

The book will be presented in 3 languages. Russian, Ukrainian and English. I want to help as many as possible and to share with international community about suffering in the hearts of my people and about the healing that is taking place. That the healing that understanding of Three Principles can bring is possible even in difficult times like this.

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