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Ylva is one of those women I just love to work with.

She is an amazing dreamer and a woman of integrity who makes a great contribution to the ecology through buying the property with forest on it just to preserve the nature. In her free time she runs marathons. For her 50th b-day she reached the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Ylva asked for help in processing emotional pain after the losses she experienced in her life.

How do I understand HAPPY?.. There's an ancient Hebrew word "OSHER". They translate it as "happiness", but there is so much more to it. It means experiencing progress on the chosen right path. Wow. When I think about it it makes me wonder - why people think that they can achieve "happy" through changing circumstances or people around you, when true "happy" is about the path itself?

Who do I help?

I help amazing people who mistakenly think that they are ordinary to reach this state of OSHER and sustain it in your daily life.
You may call it however you like - happy, freedom, super-powers.

Because of it you are accepting yourself as a person who you always wanted to be. Starting with the first day of our mentoring process.
I help to turn the pain of your soul into SHALOM - this is yet another amazing Hebrew work, that they usually translate as "peace" but... yes, you guessed it right, there are much deeper meaning: fulfillment, serenity, satisfied, content, security, fullness, wholeness... And I transform your craziest impossible dreams into tangible reachable goals -  and there you are living the life of your dream.
There are my husband Ivan and I on this  picture pointing you to this text. In thew end of 2017 we moved our practice into digital format. It made possible for thousands of people to benefit from our expertise. Now you can reach our help in a matter of seconds - online. Now you don't have to wait for us to come to your country, to your city. Presently my husband let me be the leading mentor and CEO of our project and is happily backing me up as an investor and as one of my personal key coaches.

If you want to ask me a question, just click and write your question directly to my messenger.

Anyway if you are reading this - it means you have a dream you want to reach, you have a deep yawning in your soul. You are in the right place - let me know about your dream, you can trust me  and share the deep pain of your soul. Simply contact me in my messenger here

Masha Liashenko

  • +48 514 027 450


What allows me to help you?

My experience in helping practice is more than 20 years. It is counselling, teaching and spiritual mentoring. Once Daniel Coyle wrote that to become a master in some area of expertise - one needs 10 000 hours of practice. Well, this is exactly my case. The amount of hours I devoted to helping people  is more than 10k hours. I have been helping women to deal with emotional pain, leading them to rely on the great value of their soul.
And of course I am keep learning - I have my master-coach, my spiritual mentor and business-mentor.

If you are one of those people who want proof:


Exponential Coaching Academy (2020)
Science of Emotional Well-Being, Yale, USA (2018)
Life-Coaching Advanced Certeficate Achology Academy, Scotland (2019)
Schematherapy based Personal Development Trainer Certificate Louis Counselling and Training Services, LTD, Singapore  (2010, 2011)
Athens Institute of Ministry, GA, USA (2010)

Power of my approach is in my respect and acceptance. It is what every person who felt my expertise is saying. 

Feel free to contact me and to tell me more about your dreams and the pain of your soul.

Feedback after 1 hr session:

Masha,  thank you so much for my insights and feeling of freedom inside. The most valuable were three things: 1) we dealt with tons of false convictions, that I created for myself - and I found a diamond in the depth of it all. what a wonderful feeling of transformation!  2) I realized how I can combine the areas of expertise that I could't unite before.  3) I've got energy and desire to test my new hypotheses for marketing. Again - thank you!  (Larisa Malysheva,  ICF coach, licensed therapist)

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